Halvcirkel are four musicians who met in Copenhagen. They play music written by other people and music created by themselves – written down or improvised in the moment. They play on their own and collaborate with other musicians or artists from different fields, including dance or theatre.

Halvcirkel are always on the hunt for unusual modes of expression. They might appear on stage during a Ted X talk, in a theatre or dance work or at an art exhibition. In 2023 the group gave the first performance of its own site-specific piece commissioned by Denmark’s National Gallery and performed in front of Henri Matisse’s painting L’Atelier Rouge

Halvcirkel have appeared at Gothenburg City Theatre, the Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Badsøen Festival and more. They have been invited to collaborate with artists including Yngel, Signe Lykke, Aar og Dag, Rasmus Juncker, Nick Martin, Clarissa Connelly.

All Halvcirkel’s music making is a response to the times in which we live and the emotions we feel as human beings.