Anders Lauge Meldgaard





In the summer of 2015, Halvcirkel met Anders Lauge Meldgaard as his alias ´Frisk Frugt´ when they played together at Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

He is coming out of the experimental music collective yoyooyoy, based in Berlin and Copenhagen. With witch he in over a decade have been involved with numerous music and art projects. Under the alias Frisk Frugt he has released two albums; Guldtrompeten from 2006 and Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite from 2010.

Frisk Frugt (eng. Fresh Fruit) operates in his own quirky musical universe, where the genre of traditional Danish folk song writing and poetry in an unpretentious way are spiced up with elements from experimental rock, improvisation, drone, noise, electronica, lo-fi, free jazz and African high-life guitar. Here, the music arises at the intersection between the programmed and the hand played, and between the naive and the complex – where the sonorous clouds of tones from home-built instruments, brutal guitarriffs, synthdreams and saxophone improvisations are mixed together in a colourful cocktail, full of dizzy and dazed energy and containing flavours from all over the world.

Ideas for the music: The music I imagine to work with in a collaboration with Halvcirkel will have a starting point of repetitions, combined with romantic elements. I have earlier been experimenting in cutting already existing works, amongst others Benjamin Brittens second string quartet. During cutting, a fun mix of modern romantic music mixed with repetition and minimalism occurred. I cut and repeated sections, just like a hip-hop producer would do it, and from this procedure a whole new piece was created, which I called Benjamin Britten meets Kool Keith. (Kool Keiths name is used as an open reference to hip-hop, he is not actually involved.) It is my ambition to explore the potential in combining these two motives. The minimalistic and the romantic. To me, these two are wonderful things separately, and still, pure romantic will be to heavy and pure minimalism will easily get a bit cold and mathematical. So I think that there could be a fantastic driving force in letting these two elements work against each other. It is not necessarily a contrary, but they can contribute to each other.

I´m also considering the possibilities of using guitar distortion pedals on the strings. It could produce a super raw and edgy sound. This could also work well together with Halvcirkels expression, as they play the music by heart and therefore make the performances more raw and direct. I really like the immediate atmosphere which is created by removing the music stands and just go with it! I imagine that the distortion on the strings can create an extremely good starting point for creating music which will bring the listener to trance and by that creating a room for that him/her can let loose, and come out on the other side, dizzy head, sore feet, and purified mind! Bon appetit.

Anders Lauge Meldgaard

April 2016