Halvcirkel is a string quartet, formed in 2015 in Copenhagen. We came together as a musical collective, to embark on a creative journey. With our background deeply rooted in the classical institution and tradition, we are on a continous search for musical expansion. Through different approaches and techniques, we are challenging ourselves and others in the way we usually frame classical music. Through improvisation, electronics, new spaces and collaborations with other art forms, we are broadening the context and narrative of what a string quartet is and can be. In this light we are constantly reinventing ourselves, being the best embassodors for the great composers of the past and present that we can be.

With a foundation of classical education and schooling behind us, we are looking into the future with curiosity, courage and commitment. We are not looking to just make a living. We are committed to renew and to rethink what we are doing as we go. We do talks combined with music, as a way to let people into our minds and methods, while hoping to inspire others to be creative about how they solve technical, artistic and relational issues. We have given talks to businesses about playing music in new environments, how to rethink concepts that seem stuck, how we use curiosity in our work and how using our authentic selves, has made us into a stronger team. If this has given you inspiration to invite us to perform/talk at your next business dinner or event, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together we will explore the possibilities.

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