Halvcirkel is a string quartet, formed in 2015 in Copenhagen. We came together as a musical collective, to embark on a creative journey. With our background deeply rooted in the classical institution and tradition, we are on a continous search for musical expansion. Through different approaches and techniques, we are challenging ourselves and others in the way we usually frame classical music. Through improvisation, electronics, new spaces and collaborations with other art forms, we are broadening the context and narrative of what a string quartet is and can be. In this light we are constantly reinventing ourselves, being the best embassodors for the great composers of the past and present that we can be.



What inspires me is people being kind to one another and showing genuine emotions. Showing who they really are. I grew up in the ethnically diverse neighbourhood in Copenhagen, Nørrebro, Blågårdspladsen to be specific, way back when it was called “the black square”. In these places people don’t have much, so what we had was our relations and that taught me a lot about how people survive both as individuals in a structural society and spiritually as humans that needs belonging and emotional connection.

So I have always tried to tie a bond between making music and being a human being.  For me, those are connected to the point where it’s difficult to say which one is which. When I play is where I truly meet myself and where all that is inside cannot be hidden, even though I sometimes wish it could be.

That for me, is what playing and learning from music is about. Finding out the why and how, but not necessarily being able to answer them intellectually, but with the certainty of your gut.

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I’m deadly curious about what art really is.

I’m always searching, but i think I’ve come to believe that art is a language. A language that appears strongest when tradition and the unknown meets.

In this golden line, we are as exposed as possible, because no one has an answer. So all you can really do, is to truly be yourself. Not someone you’ve decided to be, because then it won’t be possible to feel the steps that are necessary to take in this leap.

At the same time are we not alone in this golden line. We can feel the support of our history and traditions. Not a repetition of it, anyway that is never possible, but something much more; we can feel thousands of lived souls by looking at it. Without history we would be too bare food to do anything, but trying to repeat it, we kill ourself, since it is not us anymore.

If we dare to stand here, we feel our original core. It is damn frighting, but here I believe the language of art has a free voice. A voice that we can all learn to use, and a voice that then will become our teacher.

All we can really do, is to move with the history as support, and dare to look straight to the unknown.

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I watched a program about the root-system in the forest. There is always the mother tree that has the biggest root-system and are the responsible leader for the resources of an area in the forest. The roots of all trees are completely connected and share the nutrition between each other, to survive they give, take and share, so that each one of them can stand tall and dance free in the wind. For me that picture is so beautiful and it describes how I wish it to be between us people. We all stand on the same ground and to survive we need to give, take and share. The best music is made when the musicians are completely connected but still dance free in their own wind and help each other out if needed.

Music is one of the best resources I know, it gives me physical energy and mental strength. With Halvcirkel I want to share the energy and complete joy that I get from performing with these inspiring musicians.

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